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Welcome to the Power Rangers Redverse wiki, a wikia dedicated to the works of deviantART user MadRedX12 that form the Redverse, a reimagined reboot of the Power Rangers franchise, adapted from the Japanese tokusatsu Super Sentai.

Essentially a personal page of the self-loathing writer to describe the fanfiction in the style of a wikia by himself. If you are reading this, it is likely you are lost.

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Pages created so far

A Leaf in the WindA Yellow WhirlwindAero Rescue 3
Air RaidAlex DanielsAlpha Squadron Legendary Unit
AnimariumApocalypse, Part 1Aqua Rescue 2
Arsenal (Ancient Guardians)Arsenal (Bionic Force)Arsenal (Cyber Corps)
Arsenal (DNA)Arsenal (Dino Thunder)Arsenal (Dynas Attack)
Arsenal (Electric Fighters)Arsenal (In Space)Arsenal (Lightspeed Rescue)
Arsenal (Lost Galaxy)Arsenal (Megaforce)Arsenal (Mighty Morphin')
Arsenal (Ninja Steel)Arsenal (Ninja Storm)
Arsenal (RPM)Arsenal (Rail Riders)Arsenal (Resistance)
Arsenal (Time Force)Arsenal (Transmission Terminated)Arsenal (Turbo)
AxisBascoBlue Saber Saga
Broken Gemstone, Part 1Carrier CaesarClock Tower (Time Force)
Command CentreComparison:Eric Myers (Canon) vs Eric Myers (Redverse)Comparison:Frax (Canon) vs Gien
Conglomerate MothershipConwing
Denzi IslandDepths BelowDeviot
Dino ChargersDino MegazordDino Thunder Legendary Unit
DoronsDozer DriverDragon Mechazord
Dump DriverEarthEarth Fights Back
Elephant WildzordEltarEmperor Aton
Emperor WarzEnergemsEric Myers
Eurei BoxFearogForever Red, Part 1
Frankie SilardiFun and GamesFury, Part 1
Fury, Part 2Fury, Part 3Future (Power Rangers: Time Force episode)
Galaxy GlidersGalvanaxGao Rock
General DiscussionGienGolden Columns of Fire
Gosei IslandGyro DriverHanaori House
HeaddersHome (Power Rangers: Time Force episode)Ikenami House
In a Flash of Black LightningInsarnIvan Ooze
Jen ScottsJungle Fury Legendary UnitKatie Walker
Kodiak ZordLegendary GalleonLegendary Jet
Legendary MegazordLegendary PowersLegendary Racer
Legendary SubLegendary WheelerLionheart, Part 1
Living the Dream, Part 1Living the Dream, Part 2Lucas Kendall
Lupin CollectionMadame OdiusMagi Dragon Zord
Master VileMastodon Dinozord
Med Rescue 5MediconMega V1
Mega V2Mega V3Mega V4
Mega V5Megaforce Legendary UnitMike Tani
MiraconModikaraMoon of Earth
Mysterious MeteroiteMystic Force Legendary UnitNew on Wikia starter pages
News and AnnouncementsNinja Storm Legendary UnitNitro Zord
Ooze Attack, Part 1Ooze Attack, Part 2Operation Overdrive Legendary Unit
Origins, Part 1Origins, Part 2Phoenix Mechazord
Pod (Power Rangers: Time Force)Poison FangPower Cards
Power Rangers: Ancient Guardians (Season 1)Power Rangers: Ancient Guardians (Season 2)Power Rangers: Bionic Force (Season 1)
Power Rangers: DNA (Season 1)Power Rangers: Dino Charge (Season 1)Power Rangers: Dino Thunder (Season 1)
Power Rangers: Gemstone Assault (Season 1)Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue (Season 1)Power Rangers: RedVerse Wiki
Power Rangers: SPD (Season 1)Power Rangers: Samurai (Season 1)Power Rangers: Super Legends (Season 1)
Power Rangers: Super Legends (Season 2)Power Rangers: Time Force (Season 1)Power Rangers: Time Force (Season 2)
Power Rangers: Time Force (Season 3)Power Rangers: Time Force (Season 4)Power Rangers: Wild Force (Season 1)
Power Rangers: Wild Force (Season 2)Power Rangers: Wild Force (Season 3)Power Rangers: Wild Force (Season 4)
PraxisPrince Akudos GillPterodactyl Dinozord
Pyro Rescue 1Quantasaurus RexQueen Bansheera
Questions and AnswersRPM Legendary UnitRail Grind Megazord
Ranger S.O.SRansikRed Lion Wildzord
Red RiddleReflections (Power Rangers: Time Force episode)Reihou
RingbahRobo Red ZordRoute to the Sea
SPD Legendary UnitSabretooth Tiger DinozordSamurai Legendary Unit
ScarabaShark MechazordShiba House
ShikabanShinkenmaruShirashi House
SilasSilver EnergySinuku
Sky AttackSnake MechazordSpeed Driver
Star Guard MegazordSub DriverTani House
Terra Rescue 4The Dimitria from HellThe Eagle Rises, Part 1
The HeraldThe Inland ShellThunder Storm Legendary Unit
Tiger MechazordTime Jet 1Time Shuttle
TrakeenaTranswarpTriceratops Dinozord
Trip RegisTrust (Power Rangers: Time Force episode)Tsuyorons
Tyrannosaurus DinozordUnidentified Villanous ObjectVector Cycles
Victor LeeVolcan HeadquartersVrak
Wesley CollinWhat are Friends For?White Weirdness
Wolf CorpsX-GangZoom Zord
Zord Unit B-2Zord Unit G-4Zord Unit P-5
Zord Unit R-1Zord Unit Y-3Zordon
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